Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Focus Meeting - February 20, 2008

I. Round table has been used by Joe for teaching sharing with teachers. Stumbled upon notebook interactive viewer. Look, create, and share lessons for the Smart Interactive Viewer. Look for it at - or seach it in Google.

John's blog for his students. John has also used the belkin microphone to record a discussion and used Audacity to edit the discussion. John will be presenting at MACUL (twice) on Friday @ 10:00 and @ 1:00 PM. Unwrapping Standards & Common Assessments.

Stacy's webquest can be found at Used in her history classes - has a blog for each of her classes. Syncing seems to be a bit of a problem with some of the iPods.

Angela blog may be found at Anglea has also added a cluster map to her blog. She also used the mini video cameras to record the fashion show and wants to place the videos on the class blog. Recommendation of to store video.

Sharon is using the iPod for student self evaluation. Student would then listen and critique their own reading. Discussion of voice in reading. Used iPod for student who was not present in class for a period.

Judy Hogwart's Club and are going to be doing Pottercasts for discussions. The Harry Potter web stie is at

Barbara added a podcast to the curriculum website at FPS.

Karen has been working on her classroom webpage. Having problems with the iPod - the tech department will help with that. Goal is to have her students to record their stories and place them on the webpage.

Arlene and Sue report on the Library/Media - High School Library Webpage - The library site generated a conversation as to the reorganization of the website.

Arlene presented the elementary webpage - n Movement to changing the individual webpages to one in common and individual schools -

II. Percentage of technology knowledge of 8th graders - once a year as deemed by the MDE.
Scores over the last three years 87% for fall semester, no one failed. The process of reading moments for each class covers some of the items not taught in the curriculum.

III. Members of the committee had an experience with Sketchcast.

IV. John shared i-School a test generating and statisics applicaton. A discussion of the use of Data Director and its use developed.

V. Discussion of NETS for students