Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thanks for a great meeting

Hello Tech Focus Group,
Thank you for all the hard work at yesterday's meeting. I do think that you have ideas in your mind for some great projects and/or inquiry based learning.

I said that I would do a post to the URL for the NETS for students and this is it - - this is the home page that lists many interesting items. Perhaps the resources and reference guides are additions that FPS would like to make to their professional library if they are not already there.


Sharon Sylvester said...

Hey Everyone! Last weekend I made my own blog for my science classes. My students seem to be loving this---at least the 7th graders. I am still trying to tap interest in the 8th graders...they go onto the site and check out my links, but they do not leave andy comments....Kind of like us uh? Anyway check out my blog it is and leave your footprints, I mean comments behind! Have a great weekend-Sharon

Keith Tonn said...

Sharon - The Blog looks great! I can't belive how many comments your students have made already. I'm sure this will give you some new insights into your students and their learning. - KEith