Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wondering how the lesson design is going?

In the ending minutes of the last mtg. here are my notes as to what lesson/units Tech Focus Group members will be working on for their inquiry learning.

Sharon - Weather
Judy - Intro to the the Middle School
Stacey - U.S. Constitution
John - An inquiry based model
Angela - The Art Show
Keith - American Revolution
Joe - Why travel to the moon, or should we have zoos?

Wondering if anyone needed help or needed some resources?


John said...

Hello again! Forgive me for getting used to this blogging stuff -- I guess there is a little Jerry McGuire in me after all. Anyway, I am trying to develop a general guide/evaluation formula for project-based learning activities...This poses quite a problem because there is obviously no universally acceptable format that will work for everyone and in every situation. Nevertheless, there has to be something said for the McDonald hamburger concept, and I honestly think moving in this direction is still something to strive for. Sorry again for the Jerry McGuire stuff...

Anonymous said...

I hit a little bit of a snag after our meeting. I'd hoped to start my webquest after our last meeting, but after closer examination I realized my students needed more background on the American Revoution before they could do what I was asking of them. I'm glad to say though we'll be starting next Tuesday.

Annie said...

Would just like to share a link to a short tutorial on Photo Story 3 which was demonstrated at our last meeting. The website is:


(fig stands for Free is Good)

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Digital Story Creator and you can view a tutorial. You will see there are other free resources you may find useful also.