Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Extending the learning environment

Independent learning - the use of online learning environments for students who can take advantage of extended learning enironments. Such online learning provided at Michigan Virtual High School and Concord. So lets take a look at these two sites and see what they could offer to the students a Fitzgerald Public Schools.

Michigan Virtual High School can be found at In checking out the course catalog, what courses could expand the offerings at FHS?

Concord Consortium can be found at This organization, long known for the powerful use of inquiry based learning in an online environment can serve a variety of needs, both for teachers and students.

Let the committee know what you have found interesting at these sites.


Barbara said...

We have had discussion about offering some of our summer school classes at the high school through an online format. There is also a group that is looking at offering AP classess online. I should have more info on the AP classes by the end of next week.

Annie said...

Some schools will be using the Career Forward and I wonder if that would be beneficial to our students as I hear they are going to program it to work with Career Cruising. Also, it was interesting to find some prep courses for MME... On the teacher side, there are courses for staff development. I wonder if these follow the guidelines of a "quality" on-line class which can offer some modeling for teachers as they bring their curriculum into on-line format, such as in Blackboard.