Friday, February 9, 2007

Where We Are

Group Brainstorm

  • Have equipment
  • Instruction Revision
  • Need curriculum revision
  • We have tech programs how are they integrated into the district curriculum?
  • Good equipment
  • Lack of teacher vision/knowledge
  • Lack of PD
  • New staff not sure what is here
  • Knowing potential
  • Labs equipment and software outdated at middle school and high
  • Accessability in classroom/Lack ease of use in classroom
  • Instruction revision need curriculum revision
  • At home use does not equal school use
  • Specialized clases have good tech support
  • Lack of student access at home (25%)
  • No electronic devices allowed in school


Anonymous said...

What is "PD"?

Anonymous said...

"PD" stands for Professional Development.

Joe said...

We are currently using an older version of Windows. Will we be updating?

susan said...

I would like to share this suvey summary from
(lack of focus on 21st century media literacy skills). I believe that these skills need to be and can be taught integrally and naturally throughout all of the areas and levels of our curriculum by every person who works with students. We need to avoid assuming that students are "getting" this knowledge and experience somewhere else or from someone else. Our students represent us out there in cyperspace!

Anonymous said...

This is a test

Annie said...

Yes, Joe, we are using Windows 2000...upgrading to Windowsxp in baby steps. From a tech standpoint, moving to a new environment comes with it many caveats. One must consider which programs will no longer work on the new platform. In addition, my philosophy is to let others experience the nightmares and look forwrd to the patches. Let the software and hardware industries catch up to the new version of windows which will allow for a much more cost effective deployment of a piece of the new.