Monday, February 19, 2007

Vision of the Future

Unconventional leisure time/uncongenial work time
Written communication skills will need to improve
Time management skills
Leisure/work will be blended because of the ability to take stuff with you
Jobs will be task defined not time defined
More educational guidelines/increased instructional pace
People work in the same place but the job changes
People\do the same job but the place changes
Less & less face to face interaction
All information will come from the Internet
Service industry
Well rounded/multiple skills services
Off site work
Globalization of manufacturing will require more education
Contracting independently, less benefits
More technical jobs require more training
More global jobs * larger world view
Jobs will require problem solving, creativity, critical thinking
More self-directed job requirements
Frequent job changing (every 1-5 years) adaptive
More expanded opportunities for minorities
Jobs moving\outsourcing=20Information easily accessed anywhere\anytime
hard\print will also be digitized * literacy opportunities expanded
Planning is more access \we can do it with tech
Virtual R & R maybe grater need to get away, but we may still be wired =when we travel=20Extended learning beyond the school walls
Collective Description:
Teaching must change\students are different today "digital natives"
Facts, etc are readily available
we need to provide problem solving/creativity, etc. More choice is needed "a global perspective is critical"
higher level thinking\more cooperative learning\life skills \self direction \ ethical behavior
technology should be transparent
curriculum and teaching needs to change
looks the same as it did 50 years ago
higher ed degrees very important
focus on motivation how
More emphasis on communication
Does learning content connect to the real world
More freedom with devices
more responsibilities
Essential questions
research focus inquiry based beyond basic content

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