Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Project Based Learning

Edutopia contains links to many schools that are successfully incorporating Project Based Learning into their classrooms. Please take a look at some of the school sites listed.

In addition this article, published in the June 2006 issue of Edutopia - - includes additional examples of project based learning.

Then answer this question - what would you need to implement project based learning in your classroom? Planning time, curriculum revision, training, integration support, equipment - what would it take?


Barbara said...

I had the opportunity to review the projects and related info regarding project based learning. What an exciting way for students to learn! They are given an opportunity to study a topic in-depth and report their findings or recommendations. There was even a reference to assessments FOR learning...this should be familiar to teachers that are involved in Project High Impact! The projects in these articles involved students with a variety of achievement levels, economic levels, etc. All we need to get started is an idea...the plans will then evolve with brainstorming! So, who has an idea that our focus group can run with????

Annie said...

The edutopia article mentions some resources for getting started...the issue is time for planning as well as quality of the output of that planning. Isn't there some curriculum already written for such an implementation? Rather than reinventing the wheel which may or may not result in such aspects to include alignement, I wonder if there are resouces that are already packaged which can be piloted? Do we know of any other surrounding districts that have had success with a project? Oh, am I speaking to a single event or to a philosophy--perhaps that may be a question for discussion...